Minggu, 19 September 2010

What do Senior Year Students do in Free Time? (In Class)

Today is a Sunday afternoon, and what does that mean? Yes! End of vacation!! Arrrgh! I know its so pathetic and kindda boring since in here (Indonesia) we just had a long "Eid" vacation for the muslims. But, because its a governmental rule to let all the students in Indonesia to get approximately a month off from the deadly school. Thank You Mr. Government :)

I was uploading some of my videos to my youtube account, when I was searching the videos on my laptop I saw some pictures. I got a file named "WEBCAM" and I forgot what pictures where in them. As, I opened it..
I found 300 photos (ya, somwhere about that number) Of me and my classmates in this year's class. When, I saw the pictuers their all in the date of study class and the time that should have been a teacher in class. I grinned a lot looking all the pictures that I put on the slideshow. Very unique and weird poses .LOL!

I will represent for the Seniors in Highschool in these modern era of world.

"So, when teachers ask what students do when thier not attending the class  hmm.. I think I know exactly what the answers are "NARSISISME" mode : ON"
Caution : These are the activities in exception of gossiping, texting, putting make-up on, and sleeping in class.

There are still tons of pictures of me and my friends in class. But, I merged all of my GOOD ones. I don't care what my friend look like.. the important thing is that I look cool. No, I'm a good friend so.. I post all of my funny faces pics and all my friends too .LOL!
I'll give y'all a description, and promote some of my friends too :
In most of the pictures there is Dina, the one that uses the hijab/veil/the white hood (female muslims wear these), and then there is Pamella the one that wears glasses in the middle, she is my bestfriend from the vvery first year in highschool. We got a lot of things in common.. Me & Pamella. And, then there is Thifal, the lady that showed up in just two of the pictures above. I'm not really close with hear but she is nice in talking.
So, there you have it.. The bad habitts of us.. Senior Class students in free time class .LOL!

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  1. yeah we have many things in common, one of it was pervertness lol. XD

    btw muka gue ancuuuur disitu. =3=
    kenapa harus poto yang muka guenya cacat? =3=

    post di lj dong ay~~ ♥