Minggu, 19 September 2010

What do Senior Year Students do in Free Time? (In Class)

Today is a Sunday afternoon, and what does that mean? Yes! End of vacation!! Arrrgh! I know its so pathetic and kindda boring since in here (Indonesia) we just had a long "Eid" vacation for the muslims. But, because its a governmental rule to let all the students in Indonesia to get approximately a month off from the deadly school. Thank You Mr. Government :)

I was uploading some of my videos to my youtube account, when I was searching the videos on my laptop I saw some pictures. I got a file named "WEBCAM" and I forgot what pictures where in them. As, I opened it..
I found 300 photos (ya, somwhere about that number) Of me and my classmates in this year's class. When, I saw the pictuers their all in the date of study class and the time that should have been a teacher in class. I grinned a lot looking all the pictures that I put on the slideshow. Very unique and weird poses .LOL!

I will represent for the Seniors in Highschool in these modern era of world.

"So, when teachers ask what students do when thier not attending the class  hmm.. I think I know exactly what the answers are "NARSISISME" mode : ON"
Caution : These are the activities in exception of gossiping, texting, putting make-up on, and sleeping in class.

There are still tons of pictures of me and my friends in class. But, I merged all of my GOOD ones. I don't care what my friend look like.. the important thing is that I look cool. No, I'm a good friend so.. I post all of my funny faces pics and all my friends too .LOL!
I'll give y'all a description, and promote some of my friends too :
In most of the pictures there is Dina, the one that uses the hijab/veil/the white hood (female muslims wear these), and then there is Pamella the one that wears glasses in the middle, she is my bestfriend from the vvery first year in highschool. We got a lot of things in common.. Me & Pamella. And, then there is Thifal, the lady that showed up in just two of the pictures above. I'm not really close with hear but she is nice in talking.
So, there you have it.. The bad habitts of us.. Senior Class students in free time class .LOL!

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

My 17th Birthday Present!

Well, yesterday Angga my bestfriend came to my house on 17th September. He gave me a late birthday gift, since we had a long vacation from school so we didn't see each other much. He texted me before saying that he had a surprise for me. I thought it was some old tricks that he usually does but not this time. He gave me a wrapped big box and said it was a late 17th birthday present. So, I smiled and worried that my face would fall apart from my big smile. After that, I opened the prsent.
Number 1 : Open wrap nicley (But, he bought me the present not some paper wrap that I should be careful of not ripping it off)
Number 2 : Open box (But, not fully I had ripped the wrap yet.)
Number 3 : See upper readings on the box. "Naughty Boy"
Oh gawd! I know what this is ... This is NOT funny Angga!! Not FUNNY!! My Dad was watching and I said that I'll open it up later.
So, this is the picture of the sinnable legendary Naughty Boy Lamp.

Okay, my Dad went to the kitchen and I opened it up fully. So I saw the parts of the lamp and tried to put it on. When I plugged the lamp on it didn't instantly turned on.

Me         : "I don't see any light, Angga?"
Angga    : "Flick it on!"

He  was trying to make fun of me and humiliate me.. very, slick of you Angga.  I didn't see any flick that says "on" and "off" until I figured it out. Good gracius!! I have to flick the thing  to turn it on. 

And, when I flicked it on, I had this funny feeling inside my stomach and I burst a big laugh.
Angga, saw my big laugh followed me as well. He perhaps held his laugh before but maybe he thought that if he laughed before me.. maybe I would have gotten mad at him. And, I tried to stop laughing while flicking it onthen flick it off, then flick it on again then flick it off until I realized how ridicilous I'm being and I stupid I looked like.
And here is how the lamp looks like when I already flicked it on.. or should I say flick it up to make the lamp turn on. .LOL

Angga sometimes is such a dumbass but he is my bestest male friend I ever had. He is one of those reasons that make my life fun and worth the living. I can't imagine how boring my life would be if I never met him. Thankyou Angga for your stupidity and the fun present. (Ya, F-U-N present .LOL)

My 17th Realisation.

In my 17th birthday, I found this photo in my cellphone that I never saw after same months. I could post it now cause I thought today is a nice day for not saying bad things abaout people .LOL
This picture reminds me of something and reminds me about bad and good things.

This is a photo of me and my ex-boyfriend. I know that we broked up two months ago and I should move on but what I don't know is why my feelings won't get over him. He was very special, I never fought with him in our 5 months relaitionship, I even never had a bad thought of him. Until, one night he texted me that I and him had to end our relai. It was kindda rough and sad, I should've move on till now.. but I can't.

I saved lots of money to buy him his favourite stuff for his birthday and then he broke up with me without any explaination before his birthday. Untill this day, I did not talk to him, I see him in school and sometimes walk pass him in the school hall but never did he saw me the same as 2 months ago, he even doesn't know that I still lived (maybe?). But, he never talked to me in harsh words, he said it was his fault and all. I hated not him.. but, something inside me that I never can get over it. I can never stop loving him, I know that I'm just 17 and still young or maybe I'll fall in love lots of time after this. But, I believe that when faith will come, I'll be ready for him. If, he isn't my last love destination..

He'll be the sweetest love memory in my highschool years I ever had. Thank you, Ghiffary for loving me and treating me as a lady. Thank you for everything you've done for me, and thank you for teaching that when you love someone the biggest thing you can prove to them is to show that you can let them go. Let them free and let them be them.

Maybe in the future we'll meet again, maybe not. But, you'll always be the Ghiffary I know in my memories. Maybe you'll changeI but I Ghiffary our memories wont.

Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Allilaaaaaaaah where have u been?

Nowhere. I've been on earth 16 years, that's kindda boring. Thought of moving to mars once, but realize thats there's no oxigen there... I'd die.

C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting...

Senin, 19 April 2010

I wish I could take the pain away. I really wish ;(

So, then take it away. Don't live me dying ;(

C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting...

lillah kenapa syg? tadi aku kgt liat'a.

liat apa?

C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting...

I saw you crying in class last day, is everything okay? Are you okay? Did your boyfriend do bad to you?

I'm okay. Thank you for concerning :)

C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting...

knp alilah kok nangis td?

gak kenapa-kenapa kok.

C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting...


C'mon, just ask the question. Don't keep me waiting... http://formspring.me/AlyAlyagain