Sabtu, 18 September 2010

My 17th Birthday Present!

Well, yesterday Angga my bestfriend came to my house on 17th September. He gave me a late birthday gift, since we had a long vacation from school so we didn't see each other much. He texted me before saying that he had a surprise for me. I thought it was some old tricks that he usually does but not this time. He gave me a wrapped big box and said it was a late 17th birthday present. So, I smiled and worried that my face would fall apart from my big smile. After that, I opened the prsent.
Number 1 : Open wrap nicley (But, he bought me the present not some paper wrap that I should be careful of not ripping it off)
Number 2 : Open box (But, not fully I had ripped the wrap yet.)
Number 3 : See upper readings on the box. "Naughty Boy"
Oh gawd! I know what this is ... This is NOT funny Angga!! Not FUNNY!! My Dad was watching and I said that I'll open it up later.
So, this is the picture of the sinnable legendary Naughty Boy Lamp.

Okay, my Dad went to the kitchen and I opened it up fully. So I saw the parts of the lamp and tried to put it on. When I plugged the lamp on it didn't instantly turned on.

Me         : "I don't see any light, Angga?"
Angga    : "Flick it on!"

He  was trying to make fun of me and humiliate me.. very, slick of you Angga.  I didn't see any flick that says "on" and "off" until I figured it out. Good gracius!! I have to flick the thing  to turn it on. 

And, when I flicked it on, I had this funny feeling inside my stomach and I burst a big laugh.
Angga, saw my big laugh followed me as well. He perhaps held his laugh before but maybe he thought that if he laughed before me.. maybe I would have gotten mad at him. And, I tried to stop laughing while flicking it onthen flick it off, then flick it on again then flick it off until I realized how ridicilous I'm being and I stupid I looked like.
And here is how the lamp looks like when I already flicked it on.. or should I say flick it up to make the lamp turn on. .LOL

Angga sometimes is such a dumbass but he is my bestest male friend I ever had. He is one of those reasons that make my life fun and worth the living. I can't imagine how boring my life would be if I never met him. Thankyou Angga for your stupidity and the fun present. (Ya, F-U-N present .LOL)

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